5 Easy Steps to Make a Legit Wreath in Like 15 minutes

Supplies needed:
grapevine wreath, $5.99
assorted flowers and doo-dads, $9ish
letters, $6ish
paint, already had on hand
very thin dowels, already had on hand
paint brush
wire cutters
jute, twine, or ribbon, to hang wreath

(I used to read blogs and think, I don't have any of that already on hand. I am so excited to be able to say that now. The more you craft, the more you will have for another project. It's so addicting.)

OK, wreaths. For this frugal gal, I just can't see spending $40+ on a wreath that I can make. Except wreaths are intimidating to me. And I don't do cutesy. I know. I feel morally obligated to like cutesy because of the whole blogger thing. I just can't.

But I digress.

So, if you are super lazy AND frugal like me, then you buy a grapevine wreath. It's the secret weapon of easy.
That there, my friends, is a Hobby Lobby haul. That isn't even everything I purchased.

STEP ONE: Buy the wreath, and whatever stuff you want to put in it. Buy a little more than you think you need. You want to look for lots of interesting shapes and varying colors. I picked white pointy flowers and red, round flowers, and red feathery looking things. They are awesome and unexpected. I thought they kind of looked like fire works.

STEP TWO: Use wire cutters and cut off the flowers from the main stem. Try to leave the stem as long as possible. You'll be shoving those stems into the grapevine.

STEP THREE: Shove the stems into that vine! Establish a loose pattern, but you don't have to. It's your wreath. Do what makes you happy.

STEP FOUR: Layer in the next flowers, filling in each empty spot until it looks awesome. I like all my flowers to point in the same direction, almost like a clock hand moving around the wreath. (I really hope that makes sense.) It gives your eye a line to follow. I LOVE those feathery things. Add  whatever doo-dads you like. I had some thin, wooden dowels from another project, so I spray painted them gold and added those too.

STEP FIVE: Hang it up. I literally tied a loop of jute twine at the top and tied it to the picture frame. It's that easy.

 Paint all the things,

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