Stuff vs. Experiences: A Choice

We'll be making our annual trek to Ohio and I'm sad to say that we will not be adding one new pin to the map. After Ohio, it's Tennessee and the beautiful Smoky Mountains, but since we honeymooned there, no new pins.

Our criteria for adding pins is this: Only cities we've visited since we got married, we spent more than a day, or it has to be an ALL DAY visit. There could probably be so many more pins, but I want memories, not let's-see-how-many-pins-we-can-get-on-here. 

BUT, I am so excited to share the Smokies with my children! Since we live in Florida, the mountains will be so different for them. My master planner husband has spent countless hours planning a kid friendly trip. He seriously plans every day out. My personality bucks at minute planning, so he makes very loose, very changeable plans. I like it that way and I love him for thinking of me.

The funny thing about this map is that the pins don't stray too far from I-65 (except for the New York wedding). We always try to plan a stop somewhere along the highway to break up the 15 hours of driving.

How cool would this be??? I might make this one too. That link takes you back to the original source. 
I purchased the map of the United States here. If you have prime, that's really affordable! I then mounted it to a cork board with spray adhesive and searched and searched and searched for the PERFECT pins similar to this. I finally settled on the large head pins. I'll probably change them out some day. Eh. Maybe not.

Stuff vs. Experiences: Our choice is experiences. That's why we have the map and that's one of the reasons why we're debt free. I want to travel. I want my kids to be exposed to different cultures.  

When you die, what will your kids remember most? Will they remember that expensive thing you bought for them? Or will they remember you, playing with them? What are your fondest memories of childhood? 

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