Camo to Fabulous: A Labour of Love

I was looking for a dresser to convert into an entertainment center, and scoured Craigslist everyday for probably two months straight. This pic was my inspiration:

So I told myself $50 was all I could spend on a DIY. People want more like $100 for an old, uggo dresser. Seriously??? My Goodwill is waaaaaay overpriced. It would probably be about $80 at Goodwill for something like this.

And then this ugly thing popped up...

That's a screen shot from my phone (so lazy, I know). It was the PERFECT petite size! It was mid-century. It was gorgeous under the camo, I could see it. So I drove over at night by myself to a stranger's house. So safe, right? My husband made me call him and talk to him the whole time. Haha.

I only paid $40 for it since, you know, the CAMO contact paper. The guy I bought it from said it came out of an old hotel and then he covered it in contact paper for his son's room. Call me a nerd, but I love knowing the history behind old stuff.

And then we got to work.

Hello hubby. We tried lightly scoring the contact paper with a box cutter and using a blow dryer to heat the glue. So. Very. Slow.

It wasn't happening fast enough. So I scored the paper more and poured Goo Gone all over it. I soaked that baby with goo. Once I let it soak (and impatiently kept checking it), the contact paper came off easily. It peeled up in big strips like skin after a good sunburn. Aaaah, satisfying.

If you've ever used Goo Gone before, you know you need to clean the heck out of whatever you just  poured it on. Just an FYI. It would be good to test an area first.

The top of the dresser wasn't the best, it was laminate yuck and a little scratched. I could have left it as is, but I needed a little pop. Plus my living room is really dark.

Here she is:

I very, very lightly sanded the drawers and stained them. The legs were painted with Rust-Oleum metallic gold spray paint and the body was spray painted with Kilz Primer. Kilz is the bomb dot com. It's a stain blocker and sealer as well as primer. I use it on projects where I need major coverage (it's very thick and needs to be shaken for a long time).



If you follow me on Instagram, I posted it there quite awhile ago. My blogger idol, Mandi at vintagerevivals.com even commented on my Instagram that it was awesome! yay

See those cords on the floor? I drilled a hole into the back of the dresser and a drawer and fed all the cords though. Most of the equipment is off the floor now.

Before & After:

P.S. Please search #goldlegs on Instagram. You will not be disappointed.

Paint all the things,

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