Stuff vs. Experiences: A Choice

We'll be making our annual trek to Ohio and I'm sad to say that we will not be adding one new pin to the map. After Ohio, it's Tennessee and the beautiful Smoky Mountains, but since we honeymooned there, no new pins.

Our criteria for adding pins is this: Only cities we've visited since we got married, we spent more than a day, or it has to be an ALL DAY visit. There could probably be so many more pins, but I want memories, not let's-see-how-many-pins-we-can-get-on-here. 

BUT, I am so excited to share the Smokies with my children! Since we live in Florida, the mountains will be so different for them. My master planner husband has spent countless hours planning a kid friendly trip. He seriously plans every day out. My personality bucks at minute planning, so he makes very loose, very changeable plans. I like it that way and I love him for thinking of me.

The funny thing about this map is that the pins don't stray too far from I-65 (except for the New York wedding). We always try to plan a stop somewhere along the highway to break up the 15 hours of driving.

How cool would this be??? I might make this one too. That link takes you back to the original source. 
I purchased the map of the United States here. If you have prime, that's really affordable! I then mounted it to a cork board with spray adhesive and searched and searched and searched for the PERFECT pins similar to this. I finally settled on the large head pins. I'll probably change them out some day. Eh. Maybe not.

Stuff vs. Experiences: Our choice is experiences. That's why we have the map and that's one of the reasons why we're debt free. I want to travel. I want my kids to be exposed to different cultures.  

When you die, what will your kids remember most? Will they remember that expensive thing you bought for them? Or will they remember you, playing with them? What are your fondest memories of childhood? 


Camo to Fabulous: A Labour of Love

I was looking for a dresser to convert into an entertainment center, and scoured Craigslist everyday for probably two months straight. This pic was my inspiration:

So I told myself $50 was all I could spend on a DIY. People want more like $100 for an old, uggo dresser. Seriously??? My Goodwill is waaaaaay overpriced. It would probably be about $80 at Goodwill for something like this.

And then this ugly thing popped up...

That's a screen shot from my phone (so lazy, I know). It was the PERFECT petite size! It was mid-century. It was gorgeous under the camo, I could see it. So I drove over at night by myself to a stranger's house. So safe, right? My husband made me call him and talk to him the whole time. Haha.

I only paid $40 for it since, you know, the CAMO contact paper. The guy I bought it from said it came out of an old hotel and then he covered it in contact paper for his son's room. Call me a nerd, but I love knowing the history behind old stuff.

And then we got to work.

Hello hubby. We tried lightly scoring the contact paper with a box cutter and using a blow dryer to heat the glue. So. Very. Slow.

It wasn't happening fast enough. So I scored the paper more and poured Goo Gone all over it. I soaked that baby with goo. Once I let it soak (and impatiently kept checking it), the contact paper came off easily. It peeled up in big strips like skin after a good sunburn. Aaaah, satisfying.

If you've ever used Goo Gone before, you know you need to clean the heck out of whatever you just  poured it on. Just an FYI. It would be good to test an area first.

The top of the dresser wasn't the best, it was laminate yuck and a little scratched. I could have left it as is, but I needed a little pop. Plus my living room is really dark.

Here she is:

I very, very lightly sanded the drawers and stained them. The legs were painted with Rust-Oleum metallic gold spray paint and the body was spray painted with Kilz Primer. Kilz is the bomb dot com. It's a stain blocker and sealer as well as primer. I use it on projects where I need major coverage (it's very thick and needs to be shaken for a long time).



If you follow me on Instagram, I posted it there quite awhile ago. My blogger idol, Mandi at vintagerevivals.com even commented on my Instagram that it was awesome! yay

See those cords on the floor? I drilled a hole into the back of the dresser and a drawer and fed all the cords though. Most of the equipment is off the floor now.

Before & After:

P.S. Please search #goldlegs on Instagram. You will not be disappointed.

Paint all the things,


Vintage Superhero Room, Updated Post

When I was writing the post for my son's room, Budget Friendly Vintage Superhero Room, I really hadn't finished the room. It was done, but it wasn't. Well, here is an update.

I found a local guy to make me some arrows, and he delivered in a big way. I described what I wanted and he made it exactly. His Facebook page is Knotty Bits Restoration and he's located in Pace, FL. I really needed something above the kid table.  

How legit are these arrows??!!  Pallet wood is hott right now. Everybody's doing it. I'm not much of a trend follower, but I love these arrows.

 And just because you need to see it from another angle...

The awesome Captain America Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign is from Amazon. It was only $8.57 when I purchased it, but prices fluctuate a lot.

The Little Golden books were an Amazon purchase, too. The link is here: The Courageous Captain America.

I feel like this room is another step closer to the awesome pic of what I want in my head. I just need a rug and a bed frame to make it complete. Knotty Bits might make a bed frame for me, I'm on the fence about some things. And hey, look, you can buy a pallet wood arrow on Amazon.
I was thinking about getting a natural fiber rug and painting it with paint. Vintage Revivals has a tutorial that I want to try. Yeah, you can do that. You just buy fabric medium and mix it into the paint. I've never done it, but that's never stopped me before. HA!

*contains affiliate links. If you click and buy something through my link, a very small portion will go to me. It does not raise the price for you, but it does help keep this blog going.


Mid-Century Moroccan Modern

The living room has been the most difficult room to decorate by far. I've been torn by indecision every step of the way. I was attracted to a few different styles and felt they competed and didn't tie together. The bedrooms were SO EASY. I found my inspiration piece and took off running.

Reasons my living room stinks:

1. The room faces north, which means it gets very little light. Apparently, it's the hardest room to decorate. Brittany Makes talks about this here. It made So. Much. Sense. 

2. No overhead lighting. The only light sources are the lamps.

3. The room serves as a living room, office, dining room, playroom combo. 

4. Many, many doors.

P.S. I love the app Magic Plan.

I've checked Craigslist 952 times for a dining set. I eventually decided to get a large farmhouse style one made after we move. So I'm in the midst of refinishing my current one to keep me from buying something like this. Heehee.

And then I saw a pin by Mandi at Vintage Revivals. It all clicked. Mid-Century Moroccan Modern

How good is this room?? I love the bold colors, rustic feel, dark woods, and the metal details. Perfect.

I feel like I've been working on this room for yeeeeears....here are some pics of what it currently looks like.

 The room has been fussed with over and over, but I feel like it's finally coming together.

The only problem now? I keep obsessing over Kilim Rug choices. Or pillows.

You can never have enough pillows.


As of Oct. 2015, this is my all-time most popular post. Are others struggling with problem rooms? I gotta think, yes! We all have that room that we just don't know what direction to take.

My living room was a moody teenager coming to age and trying to find itself in a confusing world with too many options. (Thank you, Pinterest!)

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Paint all the things,