Top 5 Resources I Use to Get Inspired

There are SO MANY resources literally at your fingertips to help you design an awesome space.

Emily Henderson shares a little about that in a YouTube interview that I love (why can't I find the link?? Grrrr.). But, of course, Emily Henderson is a genius. And endearingly eccentric. And gorgeous (<-----just fan-girling over here a little. Also, I just decided to add "fan-girling" to my dictionary, because, let's face it, it's going to pop up again.).

1. I find an inspiration piece--one pillow, picture, or anything really, that I love. In the Master Bedroom, it was that black & white plate. Seriously. In my son's room, it was superheroes and this parrot pic on my Pinterest board. I just loved how vibrant the colors were and I wanted something super fun.

2. Bouncing off #1, Sherwin Williams has a site where you can take any pic that you love and get the paint colors chipped. It's almost lazy, it's so easy.

If you are starting from scratch, this is a great jumping off point. It helps you think big picture, sets the tone for the room, and gets the gears whirring.

3. Amazon. Now, before you roll your eyes, think about it. Where else can you get pics of everything you need, a ballpark price for budgeting, and free 2 day shipping? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and give it a test run. I don't always use Amazon for every project, um, now that I think about it, I do. But it's just so darn easy.

As a full time working mom of 2 small boys and a hubby that works an erratic schedule, I like shopping from my couch. In my PJ's. At midnight. Ahem.

4.  Home Depot. Paint all the things. Walk around and think about all the projects you could do if you were rich and famous. 'nuff said.

5. Pinterest! I usually create a board with things I love. Rule nothing out. Dream a little here. Mostly it's fun, but that's where great ideas are born. Here's how my head works:

     1. Find an impossibly cool thing. Pin it.
     2. Think about it 3 months later.
     3. Let a month pass.
     4. Think about it. Get inspired to do something totally different.
     5. Feel crafty.


I love those curtains. Aren't you totally inspired right now?? What resources do you use to get inspired? Let me know in the comments.

Paint all the things,

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