Cedar Trunk Thrift Score

I mentioned in my master bedroom post that my cedar truck was worthy of its own post. I'm super excited about this thrift score.

Can you see the amazing detail?? It makes me feel all happy just looking at it. Y'all, I got it off of Facebook. I'm part of a local group dedicated to the buying & selling of vintage, antique, and repurposed items. Some pretty awesome stuff pops up there. Most of it is waaaay out of my price range. This little beauty popped up for $50. I jumped on it because it was just that good. Like so good that 5 people were after it. The lady messaged me and said you better get here right at 7pm because there are 5 other people ready to come get it.

When I got to her house, I gasped when I saw it. Even my husband agreed it was an amazing find. It still had it's original warranty cards! This chest was made before 1949!

After a little research, I found this really legit ad with Shirley Temple. I know it's not the same chest, but I love this ad. How cool is that? This chest provides much needed storage that this apartment desperately needs. It fits perfectly at the end of my bed. What is your best thrift score? Feel free to share in the comments.

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