Budget-Friendly Vintage Superhero Room

Confession Time:

When you are super intense trying to pay off your debt, you can't afford such luxuries as decorating a nursery. It was all self imposed, I know. But it made me feel like a bad mom. As a parent, you want the best for your kids. To me, that equals making the house a home. It's like breathing to me; I have to do it and I'm not going to stop.

Note to self: Take a "before" pic before you tear the room apart. Major purging of baby stuff happening here. 

Now we are debt free and have an emergency fund in place. There is a small amount in the budget each month for decorating. I can breathe again. My youngest son's room was the first place I started.

Here is my inspiration board mixing dreams, existing pieces, and more dreams. As the decorating progressed, I updated it a little to help me stay true to the overall vibe.

 Most of the toys are in big brother's room. I wanted the little guy to feel at home in his room, so I painted the little table with chalkboard paint . $3ish First time I had used it, and it acted just like regular spray paint.

The plastic drawers had to go, little guy was growing and the dresser needed to grow with him. I found an awesome vintage dresser from a local antique shop's Facebook page. $48

The dresser was a STEAL; it's solid wood and in excellent condition. $48 is ridiculously good for this area. I stalked Craigslist for MONTHS for a dresser and there was nothing good under $200. People want $50 for used, old particle board trash from the big box stores. Seriously?? I could rant wax eloquent for an entire post about Craigslist, but Andrea Dekker (my blogger idol) has laid out an awesome post about how to use Craigslist. Actually, a few posts. I should go read those again...

Anyway, I purchased the superhero prints from Etsy. It's this amazing place that connects real artists with regular people all over the world. $48 Totally worth it because it equals out to $6 for each print. I purchased the frames for $1 each at Dollar Tree (<-----new obsession). I did have to paint the frames with white spray paint .

I needed something for the other wall, but it was a visually awkward space. The crazy idea to make a pegboard popped into my head and it just wouldn't go away. So the peg board "coat rack" was born. I taped off a retro chevron design, and spray painted. $8 for the peg board from Home Depot and about $2 each for the pack of pegs--similar to this one. I used the same paint as the table and chairs.

I'm pretty proud of that one. Frugality at it's finest. The clothes pins were $1 at the flea market of all places. Naturally they did not escape the paint.

I spray painted the rocking chair teal and sewed a new seat cushion since the old one was gag-inducing. I won't include a tutorial for the cushion because it would make a seamstress cry. Not being modest here, just telling da truth.

The bed. Oh, why is bedding so expensive?? I debated a long time what to do. My son is hot-bodied and will never use a comforter. So I looked for something that was light-weight and visually appealing. This thing did not exist because I had the herringbone dream quilt in my head. Nothing measured up. I stumbled upon this post and it kind of inspired the rest of the room. Classy Clutter, if you ever read this, you are a genius. For real. And then I found THIS.

It was everything I wanted--geometric, teal. and bold. It photographs blue, but leans more teal. At $8 (!!!!) It was a no brainer. I bought one for my car. I wanted to buy one in every color. I need to go back to the Derailed Diner and get more.

I got plain gray sheets for $0 after my $10 off coupon at JC Penney. Oh! I can't leave without talking about the head, it has the different parts of the brain mapped out. He was too cool to pass up. It's for educational purposes, right??? $16 TJ Maxx

I also bought this Captain America Tin Sign , and this Captain America Little Golden Book , and another Captain America Little Golden Book. I'll have to post about that little corner another time.

Paint all the things,

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